What Is Elder Law?

Elder law covers the broadest spectrum of various traditional areas of law such as contracts, health care decision making, criminal fraud, abuse, eligibility long term care (either long term care insurance or Medicaid), incapacity, retirement benefits, nursing home care and variety of other topics relevant to the senior client.

This area of law addresses the needs of the elderly and their loved ones. Simple situations can quickly turn into an expensive and complicated conundrum without competent advice. The cost associated with assistant living or nursing home facility can be way beyond the means of most clients. Plans need to be in place to preserve and protect their assets for themselves and their family as supposed to funneling them into the cost of care until they don’t have anything left.

Elder law and medicaid planning. Happy senior couple sitting on park bench

What Is Medicaid?

Medicaid is the largest source of government funding for nursing home care. There are lot of myths and misconceptions dealing with costs associated with an assisted living facility or nursing home care. But getting Medicaid to pay for long-term care isn’t always easy because the rules can be complicated.

There are mechanisms within the Medicaid statute to help preserve your assets to your loved ones. In order to do that, there are very particular nuisances that you may not be aware of in order to become eligible.

The key is to help clients make emotionally difficult decisions and making sure they are in control at the same time. The attorney can lead you through the pitfalls, evaluating the needs and figuring out the best way to move forward consistent with the law.

As an elder law attorney- Not onIy can I show you solutions to these problems but also to weave the solutions together to solve the issue of long term care cost, estate planning and government benefits. Having independent solutions work together to provide a solution to the overall process is critical.

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