What Is a Michigan Statutory Will?

A statutory will is a form created through Michigan law. When this form has been appropriately filled out and signed by you and two witnesses, it becomes legally valid. A statutory will uses a fill-in-the-blanks format that provides limitations over how you can distribute your property.statutory

Using a statutory will, however, does present some advantages, such as the ability to prepare and execute it without help from a lawyer. However, this still means that you have limited options when creating your Michigan will and it is likely that for the purposes of comprehensive estate planning, you should instead consult with an experienced estate planning attorney.

Only Michigan residents are able to use a statutory will. If your family or estate situation is complicated or if you have a lot of valuable property, a lawyer should be engaged to create a will. There are many other complications that should prompt you to contact an experienced estate planning lawyer about your situation.

These include children with special needs, children from prior relationships, owning a business, not wanting your children to inherit equally, and wanting your property to go to non-relatives, such as friends instead of your relatives. While you would still be able to use the statutory will in Michigan if you fit these categories, it might not meet all of your needs.

If there are remaining questions over how to protect yourself with a Michigan will, schedule a time to meet with an estate planning lawyer.

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