Is It Safe to Use a POA Form Found Online?

A simple Google search for a power of attorney in your state will present a variety of POA forms that can be found online. While it is certainly possible for you to fill out or print this documentation, it is ill advised to use for a variety of reasons.

A power of attorney should be created with your specific situation in mind. This is due to the fact that you are likely bestowing on your attorney in fact a great deal of power to make financial and care decisions on your behalf.

You should always have a power of attorney that is custom drafted by a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer so that it can be aligned specifically with your circumstances. Getting a power of attorney document downloaded for free or for a fee on the internet could expose you to using a document that:

  • Is too ambiguous to be interpreted or used properly
  • Lacks important authorities that the document should contain
  • Is not current based on the laws and rules of your area
  • Does not represent details of your unique situation
  • Fails to meet the legal requirements of your state

An ambiguous power of attorney is one of the most dangerous aspects of executing a document that is not in line with what you need and fails to accomplish your individual goals. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer who is familiar with POA documents so that you can craft a document specific to your family. Your MI estate planning lawyer is here to support you.



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