Is It Possible to Pick a Bad Executor?

Your executor or personal representative is a person who plays a crucial role in the administration of your estate. It is not only important to pick someone who is capable of following through on this task, but also someone who will be able to handle all of the different responsibilities and can communicate with your loved ones effectively.

Failing to cover these issues could mean that a person is appointed in this role, who is not comfortable serving in it, or who creates unnecessary challenges with your beneficiaries. Someone who is uncomfortable serving in this role may take longer than you want to review all your probate tasks in Michigan, thereby delaying when your loved ones get the assets you intended for them. Further, if this person struggles with communication, your beneficiaries can end up frustrated or even possibly filing with the court to have the executor removed.

The loss of a loved one can trigger many estate planning questions and high emotions at the same time, which is why proper care must be given to these critical tasks. Make sure you speak with a qualified estate planning lawyer about how to appoint someone as executor so you feel confident in your selection.

Choosing the wrong the wrong executor can have far reaching implications. This is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when creating a will and you should ultimately select the person who you feel is most responsible and capable when it comes to distributing your property after you pass away.

Many people choose family members or friends to carry out the responsibilities of their estate administration. However. You may also choose to select a professional representative, such as a person who works at a bank or an attorney. Speaking with a qualified and knowledgeable Michigan estate planning attorney is essential for your next steps.



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