Can Someone Who Is Not A Power Of Attorney Agent Stop Someone’s Medical Treatment?

When you put together a power of attorney and appoint your chosen agent, you are trusting that person to make decisions on your behalf. You should always communicate your intentions and any concerns directly with that person so that you feel comfortable they will be able to handle your needs. Power of attorney documents at an estate planning attorney office

In many cases, family members may not agree on the best way to treat a loved one’s medical ailments. When someone does not have power of attorney agency authority, this can lead to uncomfortable situations in the midst of medical challenges. Hospitals and physicians must honor a medical power of attorney. This means that hospitals cannot follow the instructions of a third party who is not named as the power of attorney agent.

The power of attorney is used to document and explain the creator’s wishes as well as to appoint a chosen party as the attorney-in-fact, also known as the agent. The attorney-in-fact is eligible to make decisions on behalf of the person who created the document and can use his or her discretion as well as instructions given by the power of attorney creator to accomplish this task.

Although it can be frustrating for other family members who are not named as the power of attorney agents to work through these situations and see decisions they wouldn’t have made honored, it is extremely important to recognize the authority of a valid power of attorney. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced and qualified estate planning lawyer in Plymouth, MI to create your power of attorney document today.



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